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I don't want to list a lot of links here. That will just overwhelm anybody and make the list useless. I'll try to list links that I think are really useful and that you probably didn't know about.

1. September 11 World Reaction Photos: Thank You
I found a link to these photos shortly after September 11, but then it changed due to bandwidth issues. I've found it again. These are photos of the world's reaction on September 11, not of the events themselves. Very moving.
2. Movie Review Site:
Rotten Tomatoes is where I check for a movie review. It doesn't have just one movie review, but it takes an aggregate of almost all online reviews of a movie. So their rating system is just a percentage of reviewers who gave it a thumbs up. Works surprisingly well. Highly Recommended.
3. Super Instant Messenger:
Trillian is a FREE instant messenger that lets you connect to multiple services: AOL IM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo IM, ICQ, and IRC, all at the same time. Very useful. Download Trillian!
4. Rent DVDs Online:
Pay a monthly fee, receive almost any current DVD, watch DVD, put it in the mail when you're done. No hassle. Having a huge list of DVDs that you're dying to see and getting them one at a time is great. No worries about late fees.
5. Online Shopping: and
I highly recommend going to, which has a constantly updating list of deals at online stores, mostly for tech items. And if you know exactly what you're looking for they have a site which will find the lowest online price with shipping and tax included! (Though it's only with their list of companies) Great for computer hardware:'s price grabber.

For books, I always check which comparison shops at almost EVERY major online book store, even I love and eBay. Highly Recommended.

Also if you want to buy something online, check if there's a coupon for the store first with the links below. Techbargains also has a right column with coupons, though mostly for techie stuff.
6. Shop Online and Help Public Schools:
My sister-in-law told me about which helps give money to schools. How it works is that you sign up at the web site and choose a school. From their web site, you choose a participating online store (examples include: Dell, Barnes and, and many others). When you buy something, the stores give a percentage of your sale to the school. It all adds up for these cash-strapped public schools. You may ask, why are these companies giving money to schools. Well is basically doing online advertising for these stores, but if it helps the schools out, I'm all for it!

If you don't have a particular school that you would like to help, you can choose "Clarendon Second Community" in San Francisco - this will help the school that my niece goes to. Remember that you have to go to the store's web site FROM Thanks.

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Last Updated: 05 February 2002