Art Min
Full Contact Information Available upon Request.

Email: minman (at) alum (dot) mit (dot) edu

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OBJECTIVE: Senior Producer on a computer or console game (preferably in the casual space) .

  • Co-founded and managed an Internet game and technology company for three years
  • Substantial programming, interface design, and game design on four completed state-of-the-art computer games
  • Completely designed, programmed, and managed contractors for a casual game
  • Managed teams of over 20 people of various disciplines (creative and technical)
  • Team player, strong desire to make other people better at their jobs
Work Experience Midway Studios Austin, Austin, TX (October 2006 - present)
Senior Software Programmer, Blacksite: Area 51
Brought on to help finish the product, with a focus on the Squad AI.

Chasing Dogs Studios, LLC, Austin, TX (September 2005 - present)
Founder, President, Programmer, and Game Designer, Tino's Fruit Stand
Product Release: March 2006
Complete design and programming of the game, using the Mind Control Software's Orbital 2D engine. Managed all business relationships with publisher and audio/art contractors. A post-mortem/making of article is available. Tino's Fruit Stand is available from the publisher's site.

Junction Point Studios, Inc., Austin, TX (November 2004-August 2005)
Co-Founder, Vice-President, and Executive Producer, Unannounced Title
Built company from ground up with co-founder. Managed budget and schedule for several proposals to publishers/investors. Drove development process for concept phase of project with team of 12.

Ion Storm Austin, Austin, TX (June 2003-July 2004)
Project Director, Unannounced Title in the Deus Ex Series
Drove the creation vision of a new Deus Ex game. Working with Producer, coordinated design, tasks, schedules, and strategy for pre-production.

Programmer, Deus Ex:Invisible War
Product Release: December 2003
Brought on to help finish the product and learn about the Deus Ex Series.

Valve, LLC., Kirkland, WA (June 2002-June 2003)
Project Manager/Programmer, Steam Games/Add-Ons
Design and development of Steam Games/Add-Ons platform, including SDK to allow 3rd parties to develop their own products.

Self-Employed (June 2001-May 2002)
Complete design and programming of an online consumer program. Product put on hold.

Programmer/Consultant (November 2001-January 2002)
Worked with Canesta, Inc. on prototypes and demo applications for their new Electronic Perception interface technology.

Valve, LLC., Kirkland, WA (September 1999-April 2000)
Project Manager, Team Fortress 2/Online Content Group
Coordinated schedules, tasks, strategy, and design for the online content group. The group consisted of Team Fortress 2, a 3D multiplayer squad based Internet game, future online projects, and other games/modifications for Half-Life, PC Gamer Magazine's #1 Game of All Time. Programmed various tools. Managed the acquisition of the Counter-Strike property, the most popular online action game.

Multitude, Inc., South San Francisco, CA (April 1996-September 1999)
Co-Founder and Vice President
Helped develop and coordinate marketing and business. Made product development presentations to the board of directors. Demonstrated product on press tours and investment pitches to venture capitalists/investment bankers. Helped in transition of company from Internet game company to Internet technology company.

Consultant, Firetalk
Product Release: Summer 1999
Interface designer, web and database developer (MS IIS and MS SQL), and technical consultant for an Internet voice product based on the voice technology developed for FireTeam.

Project Leader and Programmer, FireTeam
Product Release: December 1998
Designed from scratch the Internet game and service of FireTeam, the first real-time Internet team game with voice technology. Managed 15 developers on the project on all aspects of the project. Involved in all game design and technical design decisions of the product (client/server architecture, along with a statistics database and dynamically generated web site for players). Programmed significant sections (C++, Win32, ASP, MS SQL). Wrote Postmortem article, available here on Gamasutra.

Looking Glass Technologies, Inc., Cambridge, MA (April 1993-March 1996)
Lead Programmer, Terra Nova
Product Release: February 1996
Managed eight programmers on schedules agreed to by executives and project leader. Worked with lead designer and lead artist on the integration of game components. Designed and developed major game features (C, MS-DOS programming). Terra Nova is a 3D squad based tactical game and is listed on Gamespot Web Site's 10 Best Games You Never Played.

Game Programmer, System Shock
Product Release: September 1994
Designed and developed the combat system, animation system, and various other code modules (C, MS-DOS Programming). Worked with designers and project leader on game design. System Shock is a 3D action/role playing story game listed on PC Gamer Magazine's Top 10 Games of All Time.

Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (1990-1994)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, Class of 1994

Personal Sabbatical (May 2000 to June 2001): Lived 3 months in Paris, France and 3 weeks in Nice, France studying French. Followed by 2 months of traveling the European Continent.

Ice hockey, "German/Designer" board games, downhill skiing, poker, reading, painting, and computer/video games.