With niece and nephew
above San Francisco
05 February 02 - September 11 World Reaction Photos Link
I found a link to these photos shortly after September 11, but then it changed due to bandwidth issues. I've found it again. These are photos of the world's reaction on September 11, not of the events themselves. It's entitled Thank You. Very Moving.

30 January 02 - Updated Links Page
Updated links page. Added trillian.cc, netflix.com, techbargains.com, allbookstores.com, and rottentomatoes.com links to links page.

5 June 01 - Resume Online
Since I'm starting a job search, I've been working on my resume. Now it's online here.

4 June 01 - Redesign Website Front Page
I have redesigned the front page to make the web site easier to update and easier to read.

13 May 01 - Europe 2001 Trip Photos and Journal
It was the time of my life. That's the quick summary from my European vacation.

Look at the many photos and read the journal from my trip. I am converting notes from my European trip into a journal. So far I've completed the first two weeks.

01 Jan 01 - My Paris Trip Photos
I have finally gone through all the photos from my digital camera and processed them. Wow, there are over 700 photos and I've arranged into sections to make it easier to look through them.

Last Updated: 05 February 2002